The RAN crew of HMAS Perth presenting for inspection by Prime Minister MenziesArmy personnel in Gorari, New GuineaThe RAAF crew of a Halifax aircraft, Squadron 466Australian Army Medical Women's Service (AAMWS) members after returning home from Balikpapan aboard the aircraft carrier HMS VengeanceA group of the Merchant Navy survivors off the Macdhui
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Print Certificate

You may print a certificate displaying service details for an individual. This feature may be accessed by clicking on the 'Create Certificate' button.

The certificate is designed to be printed in landscape format.

Please Note:
  • on some occasions the full service history of an individual will not be displayed. This may occur where an individual had multiple periods of service, each with its unique service number;
  • for more information on the data collection process, see Service Numbers;
  • due to the high resolution of the certificate, it may take a moment to download;
  • you may need to check your settings before printing the certificate;
  • the quality of the certificate is dependent upon your printer;
  • the certificate is a fixed size and does not change size to fit the screen size.

A sample World War Two Service certficate
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